Our Yearly Summer Pre-Booking Special Is Here!

Corcorans Pond

Corcorans Pond in Waterville Valley

Each year we have a summer pre-booking special to get you motivated to think about vacation, and this year is no exception.  Take advantage of up to a 25% discount for pre-booking, click (link has expired, but watch for other summer specials!)

The White Mountains are green and waiting to be explored!  Plan a multi-day vacation and use our location to your advantage.  Head north one day and do the zip lines in Lincoln, visit Clark’s Trading Post or just ride the Kanc.  Go East and you will get to Story Land, Conway Railroad and the Weather Discovery Center.   So much to do in northern NH and we are in the center of it all!  Plan your trip and give us a call, we would love to have you.

We have had some questions from you recently about summer amenities in the valley, and specifically what is included in your stay here at the Snowy? As you may remember from our communications with you back in December, we have moved away from the Waterville Valley Resort Association model that requires every guest to pay a 15% resort fee on every stay throughout the year in exchange for the use of certain amenities by a small percentage of our guests mainly during the summer months. It is our feeling that you work hard for your money, and you should decide how best to use it.

Now, the amenities are still available to you as a guest of the Snowy. You can certainly still golf, boat, bike, play tennis, etc. but there is now a nominal fee attached to each activity. As an offset to that out of packet expense, the lodging portion of your stay in Waterville has been reduced by the 15% resort fee. Your room is now much more economically attractive and you can “Be as busy as YOU want to be!” You can decide to do as little or as much as you like, your time is your own to plan, without us telling you how to spend your days or your money.
As always, our front desk staff is ready and waiting to be your personal concierge with information on all the valley amenities as well as for events, attraction information and even some scenic drives around the area.  Tell us what you’re interested in, we would be happy to help!

Start by visiting a few of New Hampshires websites -

www.visitwhitemountains.com ; www.visitnh.gov or www.watervillevalleyregion.com