Snowy Owl Inn Spring Cleaning and Renovating

Carpet Replacement

Replacing carpet in public areas

It’s that time of year again, when you open the windows and turn up the music to get that spring cleaning done.  We at the Snowy Owl Inn have been closed since May 1st and believe me, we have been busy!  The front desk is still staffed and answering the phones, so you can still call to book that summer getaway – 1-800-766-9969.  Re-open is the weekend of May 17th 2013.

The rest of the carpets in most of the public lobbies have been replaced and some of the stairways as well.  The final vacuuming is done and they look great!  If you are in the area stop by and take a look, we love to show off our progress.  For most people spring cleaning means cleaning carpets, washing walls, and even painting etc.  We use that approach also, but on a much bigger scale!  With 82 rooms it is a daunting task, but we have tackled it.

Since we were going to move furniture anyway, we have made a few changes!  The pet rooms have been so popular for us we have increased the number we offer so bring your dog up here for a day of hiking or just for company.  The Snowy Owl Inn also now offers King rooms with two person jacuzzis, perfect for the couple getaway.  Our official re-opening is the weekend of May 17th, so join us in the beautiful White Mountains.

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